Hey there! I’m Kate, healthy living chef, author, entrepreneur, and girl on a mission to empower busy women to simplify what the heck to cook and eat to reach their goals. I created Macro Meals Planned as a tool for YOU. To make it easy for you to get a healthy meal on the table without the stress. Whether you’re counting macros and living a carb-cycling lifestyle, a busy mama who needs new ideas for healthy recipes or a girl who just wants to know what to eat to reach your goals, MMP is the tool for you. There’s so much info out there on what to eat and how to eat to be healthy and to lose weight, but what I’ve discovered from over a decade in the health and wellness industry is that a variety of real food (lots of veggies) cooked from scratch is the foundation of what you need to do to feel amazing. After that, it’s just about tweaking. (And we can help you with both). If you’re sick of overly complicated healthy recipes with expensive ingredients I feel ya, girl. Nobody has time for that. And while a computer can’t tell you exactly what to eat, it’s a lot easier to have recipes suggested to fit your needs vs. scrolling pinterest for hours trying to figure out what’s for dinner.


So think of MMP as the ultimate meal planner tool, a busy lady’s recipe BFF to save you time + money!


So here’s how it works…

You put in your preferences, get weekly recipe recommendations, add the recipes you want to cook to a list, create a shopping list with a click of a button, shop(you can even get grocery delivery with another click of a button), prep, cook and have a delicious, simple and healthy meal on the table fast (most of our recipes are 30 minutes or less of active time – promise!).


So what are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!