About Our Service

I can't cook, will I still be able to use the service?

Absolutely! Our recipes are designed to teach you how to cook no matter what skill level you are currently at. For beginners we have plenty of recipes with fewer ingredients and required tools.

I just want to start eating healthy, what are you guys all about?

We believe food is the foundation of health but oftentimes healthy recipes and cooking can be overly complicated and expensive. Our mission is to simplify the entire process to save you time and money so achieving a healthy lifestyle can be more sustainable long term. Even if you’re not ready to count macros yet just planning + cooking our recipes is a fantastic way to start.

What makes your recipes better than someone else's?

We focus on a technique based approach so once you learn the techniques involved, you should be able to cook any of our recipes without any problems. Did we mention our recipes are incredibly simple with very few ingredients, pantry items, and tools required?


How do I sign up?

Go to macromealsplanned.com and click the “Sign Up” button!

What tools do I need to cook with you guys?

We tend stick to the basics when it comes to required tools, with some recipes needing a few more “advanced” tools (blender and food processor) here and there. Once you select a recipe that you like, you can easily see which tools are needed to complete the recipe and can choose to shop for or add it to your meal plan from there.

Do you guys recommend any certain brand for the required ingredients?

Our recipes work just fine with any brand or products you have access to!

What Types of Diets/Lifestyles do you Offer?

We offer recipes that fit into Omnivore, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Paleo, Clean Diet, Pescetarian and Whole 30 lifestyles.

I have an allergy. Can you accommodate my needs?

Yep! When you sign up we ask you to select any allergies you may have to prevent those recipes from showing up. You can add an allergy or change your allergy preferences at anytime by going to the dashboard and choosing ‘Allergy Settings.’ If you want to make sure something is allergen free please do not hesitate to contact us and ask, you can never be too sure.

Can I change my lifestyle choice later on?

Absolutely. We believe lifestyles are always evolving so you can easily change both your lifestyle choice and/or allergy settings by going to your dashboard.

What are pantry items?

We use a pantry system built on 16 must have items such as celtic salt, olive oil, mustard, etc. that we use over and over again in our recipes. We avoid specialty items (like fish sauce or pomegranate molasses) that you’ll use just once, in order to avoid wasting money and space in your own pantry.

How does the cookbook work?

Once you choose to shop for a recipe you like the step by step instructions on how to prepare your recipe will be added to your digital cookbook, conveniently found right on your dashboard. You can even create lists within your cookbook such as meal plans, prep ahead recipes, or kid’s favorites and more to stay super organized. 

How do I get the most out of the service?

We suggest making a weekly meal plan by selecting 4-5 recipes each week. If you need something last minute or have a change of plans you can use Sarah to find a recipe or browse lifestyle categories and shop right then. If Instacart is available in your market we highly recommend sending your shopping list to them for delivery to make you life even simpler.

How much does this service cost?

$79 for yearly or $14.99 monthly


Do I have to go shopping myself?

Yep! But with a plan and shopping list it’s a whole lot easier. You can also order your groceries for delivery through instacart or shipt. 

Do you guys do delivery?

If Instacart is available in your area, you can check out and have delivery in as little as one hour.

How do I use the shopping list?

Once you’ve planned your meals you can shop by day by clicking the shopping cart at the top of the planner or by food/recipe by clicking the shopping basket next to each meal. 

Can I add other items to my shopping list?

Yep! You can add anything you want to your list. The best part is because it’s digital you’ll always have access to it.

Meal Planning

What is meal planning?

Meal planning is the act of planning out your meals ahead of time in order to save yourself time and money while taking away the stress of last minute decisions. In a nutshell meal planning involves selecting your recipes, shopping for the ingredients, preparing the recipes you picked out, and finally enjoying delicious meals all week long no matter how busy your life is.

Why Meal Plan?

Meal planning saves you time by eliminating the need to cook everyday throughout the week and also allows you to be more efficient by prepping a few things in advance so you can speed up your weeknight meals. It eliminates decision fatigue “What am I going to make for dinner?”, “Should I do take out?”, “What do I want to eat?” and is also effective at keeping you on track with your health goals. It saves you money by teaching you to be more strategic and resourceful with each ingredient you use and also helps reduce overall food waste and promote leftovers. Meal planning gives you unlimited freedom to choose the foods you want, which allows you to experience more diverse foods, meal choices, and dietary lifestyles so you’ll never get bored with your healthy lifestyle.

How do I make my own meal plan?

You’ll go to the day you want to plan and click “autofill or search for items that you want and add them! 

Frequently Asked Questions.

You asked. We listened. Here’s Everything you need to know regarding the Macro Meals Planned App. Happy cooking!