If you want to lose weight and you’ve tried everything I want to share with you the #1 tool that has helped me and 1,000 + of my clients reach their goals and that’s carb-cycling. 

Carb-cycling is a nutritional strategy that cycles high and low carb days to optimize your metabolism and support your body to burn stubborn fat and build lean muscle. It’s a great alternative to low carb and diets that restrict calories because both of these strategies lower your metabolic rate and negatively affect your hormone levels which is a big reason women find themselves at weight loss plateaus. For a short period of time, a significantly restrictive diet will bring you results, however, over time it will cause your metabolic rate to decrease. Once that happens you will see your weight loss stop and will need to restrict calories even further to lose more weight, thus lowering your metabolic rate once again. Not only is this a terribly unhealthy way to live, but it is also incredibly frustrating. So with carb cycling, you’re able to see results while also enjoying life and protecting your metabolism.

To start carb cycling you’ll first want to understand what macros you need to reach your goals. (AHP will do this for you).

Macros or Macronutrients are Carbs, Fats, and Proteins basically the major nutrients that provide the energy your body needs to function. The difference between counting calories vs macros is that often counting calories can lead to getting too much of one macro and not enough of others making it challenging to actually reach your goals.

If you want to start tracking Macros and lose fat with Carb Cycling – here’s how using your A Healthy Passion Account!

If you’re a visual person here’s a quick tutorial.

AHP will ask you to enter your height, weight, age, gender, exercise level, and goals. Enter this information as directed. Also, select that you’re carb cycling 😉 

The app will then construct a plan for you consisting of your total daily energy expenditure based on the information you provided. If you click on the “Planner” tab you’ll then scroll to the bottom and find your daily recommended calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein recommendations.

Then it’s time to head over to your planner and start planning! It’s that simple.

On workout days I follow my regular macros and on rest days I reduce my macros by 25%.

SO my cycle looks like:
low carb (50 net) + hiit training Monday
low carb (40 net) + hiit training Tuesday
full body workout + regular macros Wednesday
rest + 25% less macros Thursday
chest + back workout + regular macros Friday
leg workout + regular macros Saturday
rest + 25 % less macros Sunday

I’ll first plug my meals and then fill in the blanks with snacks to hit my goals. This cheat sheet is a lifesaver when I need ideas to hit my macros. I also love to autofill my day to help me out using the “autofill’ button or get suggestions for meals when I get stuck using the little fork + knife icon.

So there ya have it, why I LOVE carb cycling and I promise as you practice it does become easier.  Oh and AHP makes it 1000% simpler so if you’re not using this life-changing, time-saving tool what get started today!

XO Kate