I get so many emails each week from you ladies asking me if I think A Healthy Passion would be a good fit and solve your problems and reach your goals and to be honest, my answer is almost always yes!

Here’s why. 

The reason almost all diets fail is that they’re not sustainable long term, there’s no accountability and they don’t account for a fact that life isn’t lived in a bubble. As humans, most of us crave a plan and structure in order to stick to and reach our goals. That’s why I am SO passionate about meal planning because it provides structure and accountability as well as gives you the freedom to enjoy the foods you love with your family while also reaching your goals.

I’m a big believer in understanding macros so you get a better idea of how to eat to lose weight or stay on track whether or not you choose to track long term is up to you but once you understand how to eat you can begin to eat in the right way to reach your goals.  I also love to teach carb cycling because it’s an incredible tool to lose stubborn fat and build lean muscle without ever having to deprive yourself. Understanding how to eat + pairing that with a meal plan is how you will get the results you’ve always wanted without really having to change a whole lot in your life. I’ll dive deeper into macros tomorrow + how to get started with them but today I want to share why AHP is for you.

1 – It provides you with the tools you need to stay on track. I teach you how to set yourself up to track macros, AHP provides the tool to do so effortlessly. I also teach you HOW to plan so it becomes do-able in YOUR life because it’s impossible for tech to tell you what to eat in a way that actually works long-term. And when you have a plan you’re more likely to stick to it vs. just winging it.

2 – It provides accountability. When you invest in something you’re more likely to stay accountable (how many recipes have you pinned and never made?) So if you want something you have to invest in yourself to make it happen. How much is your health worth to you? Probably more than $6 a month. 

3 – It provides variety. With 700 + recipes and new ones added weekly, you’ll never get bored of healthy cooking. Also, so many are family-friendly and designed to keep the family happy and you on track.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to AHP and take the first step in actually reaching your weight loss goals + sustaining them long-term (while enjoying the process). Have questions? Need help getting started? Just hit reply.

Happy Cooking




Don’t forget, for those of you wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, I will be going live 3x a week in my free private facebook group addressing some of your questions / sharing cooking tips, tricks + recipes. I’ll share my times + topics each Monday with you so you can join me there!